Enable your staff to become the best version of themselves with The Health Habit.

Studies show that putting the health and wellbeing of your employees first can have a range of benefits for your company.

A healthy, happy workforce is good for business. A quality health and wellbeing programme can:

increase employee engagement,

improve productivity,

customer satisfaction,

and reduce the number of staff absences.

Bringing your best team to work is about teaching them healthy habits and lifestyle changes they can make outside of work, as well as in.


Here at The Health Habit, we provide a professional corporate wellness programme which puts employee wellbeing first.

If you invest in a quality wellness programme, your employees will recognise that they are valued, appreciated and supported.

They will learn how to cope with stress and how to achieve work-life balance.

I would be happy to talk you through some options and give you the help you need to improve employee engagement and productivity, reduce staff absences, and decrease staff turnover. Contact us for a free 20 minute consultation.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

Sessions were helpful, informative, motivating and fun! They were not just about food but about the ‘whole person’ - I was encouraged to make selfcare a priority which is something I haven’t done before, using meditation, connecting with nature, visualisation & relaxation techniques etc. There was ‘homework’ (nothing onerous), just a little reading & things to consider & try, this enabled me to keep my focus from week to week.

I learned a lot about myself during my 90 days, & now have tools to help me as I continue my health & wellbeing journey. Going forward, I now feel empowered to take control of my life.

Carmen is an excellent health coach - she is passionate about her subject & enables you to identify your own motivations and challenges; while being non-judgmental, encouraging and motivating.

Although I knew I needed to do something about some poor eating habits this course gave me the structure & encouragement to achieve this, & the tools to continue with my transformation.