Gut Health For A Healthy Mind and Body

Gut Health

Gut Health For A Healthy Mind and Body

Gut Health : There is a buzz at the moment, an explosion of information, on the subject of our microbiome.

Until relatively recently the community of organisms that lurk deep within the dark space of our gut was something we knew very little about.

Our gut plays host to trillions microbes that are not even ‘us’ at all.

How does that make you feel?

We often look on bacteria as the bad guys but in fact there are thousands of varieties of microbes, mainly bacteria some fungi and viruses. In a healthy gut these will live in harmony and balance with each other and us.


The Gut

Welcome to the world of the microbiome

It has a wisdom of its own and is now regarded as our ‘second brain’.

Not only does the microbiome help with digestion but it

  • regulates weight,
  • gives us energy from our foods,
  • keeps inflammation down,
  • protects us from invading baddies by looking after our gut lining,

 Hold that thought!

 So…. What happens in our stomach….. regulates our immune system?

Yes, it absolutely does.

Simply changing the balance of bacteria in our microbiome can affect the amount of colds we get as well as impact  a range of allergic reactions throughout our body, diseases and even how much we eat.

In short it is very important to tend and nurture that precious eco-system as though our lives depend on it. Think of it as your very own rainforest.

How do we protect our rainforests? We protect against deforestation, we re plant, we protect the diversity of the flora and fauna.

Why is this important?

For the health of the planet, the air we breathe!

In the same way, we need to protect against ‘ deforestation’ of our good bacteria, we need to re plant and protect the diversity of the biological ecosystem in our gut for the sake of the health of mind and body.

How can we effectively protect and maintain the balance and health of our microbiome?

Avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. These will indiscriminately clear the ‘forest floor’ leaving space for undesirable growth and an imbalance.

 Manage stress, remembering that our digestive system works better in a relaxed state and therefore our biome will receive the nutrients it needs.

Eat less refined carbs and sugar, I cover this in my programmes in great detail.

Eat organic to avoid chemicals and antibiotics from our food

Manage your alcohol.

Eat a rainbow of vegetables…so to appeal to a wide variety of your gut bacteria. Different bacteria thrive on different nutrients, but science hasn’t yet been able to definitively chart which match with which.

Fibre is also key to a healthy biome and of course as just mentioned you will find lots of fibre accompanying the Mediterranean diet.

There are a number of good diets to follow for gut health but it is for you to decide which suits your individual body best. I can highly recommend that you  check out the Mediterranean diet, with lots of veg, healthy fats, fibre etc. This can include fish, and even meat in moderation.

Time restricted eating  Give your gut a rest. For optimum gut health, an overnight fast of at least 12 hours. Don’t be tempted to snack after dinner.

A micro biome that is out of balance can lead to:

  • Candida,
  • IBS,
  • Gluten intolerance or worse Coeliac Disease, etc

so often problems in the gut can show up anywhere not necessarily in the gut at all. 

 Skin rashes, Psoriasis, Migraine, Metabolic syndrome connected to diabetes,  heart disease,  high blood pressure,  high cholesterol, dementia, arthritis and excess abdominal fat can all be traced back to an imbalance of the microbiome.

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